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Overdentures offer a variety of advantages as compared to conventional dentures. While some of these advantages are purely cosmetic, all of these can affect your quality of life, making you happier and healthier. Implant-retained overdentures can also even improve your dietary health by putting more nutritious foods back on the menu. With implant retained overdentures, you can chew your food more completely which aids in digestion. This increases the nutrients your body is able to absorb. An implant-retained overdenture can help stop the deterioration of your natural facial contours. Keeping this bone alive and stimulated is the only way to halt the resorption (shrinkage) that naturally occurs in areas where your natural teeth have been lost. In addition, because the overdenture is secured with implants you will not have to worry about embarrassing dislodgment. Implant-retained overdentures secure your teeth in your mouth and can reduce or eliminate movement, improve the aesthetics of your smile, improve chewing functions, improve speech and have a positive impact on your physical and psychological health. For more info visit us at
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